Meet Coach Gregg

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The Subjective Dance Company consists of various choreographers and performers, but, is supervised by our Creative Director, Gregg D. Whitlock Jr. a.k.a. Coach Gregg b.k.a. PapiiBDS. Coach Gregg has been choreographing and creative directing for over 15 years. He is a self-trained popping based dancer with a style favored to waving, hitting, house dancing, tutting, and animating. He’s a continuously growing freestyle dancer, but strongest as a choreographer. Although currently based in Richmond, Virginia, Coach Gregg travels and is willing to work with anyone passionate about dance.

“I love to perform. I love to inspire others. I take pride in teaching and helping others get an understanding and/or gain confidence in their dancing abilities. I am big on discipline, respect, and hard work. I also take the time to research various styles of Hip-Hop dance, new and old school.”

– Coach Gregg (PapiiBDS)

To put a title on his style of choreography, which welcomes the merging/fusion of various dance styles while bringing music to life and/or storytelling, he developed the terms Subjective Dancing and Subjective Dancer. Coach Gregg believes that, like a painter, dancers create art based on how they personally feel someone should move to a particular song/sound at that given moment. That piece of art is then left open to be perceived by viewers however it hits them, whether it paints the same picture/story the original choreographer intended or not. It’s all subjective. In an effort to brand the term, he launched the Subjective Dance Company and creates platforms for unique, creative, and adept dancers.


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